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Dianella ensifolia 'Sterling'

  • Spreading Flax Lily, Black Anther Flax Lily.
  • Habitat includes open forest.
  • Pale blue flowers with prominent yellow anthers, with 3 sepals & 3 petals in star shape, occur in open bunches on long stems spring to early summer, & produce dark blue berries. Margins of strap foliage roll back to create cylinders.
  • Clumping habit. Will sucker to spread.
  • Use for rock gardens, containers, ground cover. Edible fruit.
  • Hardiness Zone: 8-11

Characteristics & Attributes

Great Foliage
Low Water Use
Ornamental Grass
Mass Planting
Low Maintenance
Rock Garden
Border or Bed
Flower Color
Sold in Sizes
72 Tray
Lead Time
12 Weeks
Soil Moisture
Average Water
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